Grays Harbor 

and surrounding areas

I live roughly a five-minute walk from the edge of the bay in Grays Harbor, Washington. I've snapped thousands of photos from my newly adopted home in Hoquiam, Washington and the surrounding counties. There are forests, towns that resemble English villages that time has forgotten, and of course, the majestic beaches. I've traveled the world, yet still, I find this area of Washington State to be among one of the best places I've ever been. I am extremely grateful to live here, especially now that we've purchased a home. I will be expanding this webpage regularly and sharing some of the gems I capture from this area, which I've only just begun to explore. Most of the shots were taken with an old camping camera or equally dated phone just wandering around.

Church in Hoquiam

Birds and bird watching are a serious undertaking here in Grays Harbor. I've seen eagles, blue heron, and cormorants in the same afternoon as well as little fellows like this one.

Hoquiam translates to "hungry for wood"

Wildfire at John's River 2022

Jaspers at Damon Point

In Hoquiam there are almost always deer friends around, in fact, on some of my walks there are more deer sharing the sidewalk than people.

Surfer at Westhaven Park in Westport

Trees on the edge of the bay at the end of Adams street. Now referred to as Old Cannery Park -the trees have been removed.

Beatle Geese as I call these geese standing around for a photo op.


Beach 3

I like the pink color when the light hits these public sculptures in Hoquiam.

North Cove