Welcome to GenHexer

These writings are primarily personal reflections on my life and on ideas I think are important or powerful.  I'm a 51-year-old autistic woman living an unorthodox style life and attempting to thrive despite the roadblocks of the modern world. 

I have lots of practice making the best of a bad situation so I hope you find some of my writing helpful or at least entertaining. If you like what you read and want to connect with me, find me on Facebook, TikTok, or Instagram, or the truly best option is to email me at genhexerwrites@gmail.com if you have something you want me to write about.

For the time being, I have decided against a comments section on this blog because I feel that too much distracting commentary sours much of the rest of online life so I prefer not to give it a platform here. Besides, some of these topics are deeply personal so allowing potential internet trolls a moment of commentary breaks boundaries I am very serious about preserving. 

This blog was originally motivated by the threat the pandemic posed in case I died, as many of my friends did. I lost many people so I feel I want to live louder and better to honor them. What would they do if they had my time left on earth? This is how I am attempting to honor them by creating authentic work, original things, not a copy of a copy of a copy like so many things are in the world. They wouldn't waste any time waiting to achieve perfection or compare themselves to anyone else, and neither will I.

Instead of creating what is the most marketable I am focusing on the most meaningful to me. It feels marvelous to give into creative authenticity and let myself grow, succeed, and fail while learning lessons on the way with an eye to the adventure and learning process rather than solely profit or recognition. 

I am advocating more for everyone to discover their unique voice and talent and share it with us all rather than compare ourselves to the world-wide echo chamber, which makes emptiness into a traded commodity via social media and the mindless drudgery of marketing. And perfectionism is poison; nothing is ever truly perfect.

I'm not saying people shouldn't ever make a profit or seek recognition, but I am saying authentic self-satisfaction is priceless, and no amount of recognition, fame, or profit can replace how it feels. This blog will have a lot of posts involving this subject. Words have power, and sometimes I need to remind myself with the right words to keep going and thriving in a crazy world that places monetary value above all. 

This is my attempt to share my thoughts and ideas before my eulogy; that way, no one else will need to write it; it's right here. This is who I am, unashamed and forever learning.

There will also be a growing collection of prose and poetry added to the "Other Bits" part of this blog. Hope you enjoy.

Thanks for reading and for your support.