This is a video of a performance in Portland summer 2021, our first Portland show in six years. Our two drummers, who had never met before this day, playing together for the first time. We had no bassist due to pandemic issues but it was a great evening anyway.  I wrote this song's lyrics because when dancing in a club sometimes this is what's on people's minds and also I spent some of my life as a belly dancer so the melody and instrument arrangement is a nod to that.

Sold Only As Curio my band, summer 2019.

This was my band's Tiny Desk entry for the quarantine times. You have to play Tiny Desk live behind a desk. So we did from two different houses, we thought "6 Feet to Go" a band original like most of our songs, was ideally suited to the time.

Hey Beautiful sans drums and instead a desk.

This is the first song I wrote with my best friend and band mate Gregory Mulkern. We used to apply to a buskers festival in Ferrara Italy, which we got accepted in and went on our first trip together. So exciting to visit a medieval Italian city and perform in the streets with many other talented musicians. The city closes off the city to cars so thousands can amble about the cobble stone squares alleys and streets enjoying the festival. 

This is our band doing a unique cover of "Heart Shaped Box" I'm dressed like a crazed butterfly because it's spring.

Concert of Colors 2019

Original song written by me and Nate Jackson performed here by Nate, Erin Smith and Julien Saker

Nate and Gregory singing another song Nate and I wrote. Performed by Gregory Mulkern and Nate Jackson

One of the first recordings the band made of another original song I wrote for the band. It's more doom rock than people expect, unless of course, they've been to our shows. As musician I reject the narrow genrefication of songs. Good music is good music regardless of how someone classifies it. The same audience member in my experience is just as likely to love dark doomy rock music as they are the original R&B perform and as they are pop, classic, jazz, or traditional folk, or maquam informed melodies and seven or nine beat rhythms.

Excerpt of original composition The Mermaid

Excerpt original composition:    Chickens in the Temple

Live show excerpt:   Ketri Ketri

Pandemic Improv first lockdown