Bright Black Photography

Whether a portrait, a performance, an event, a landscape, a room or building, or an object, my mission as a photographer is to capture timeless moments, show the beauty in contrast, and open a door to another world.

Gregory Mulkern graciously being my quarantine times model again as we try out tungsten effects with lights.

Old hearse showing some color at Hearse Rally in Hell, Michigan

Julien Saker as a Gold Devil in his first performance at the legendary Theatre Bizarre in Detroit Michigan

Tallinn Estonia Old Town Garden Wall

Leslie Miller, wind capturer

Many doors of Riga, Latvia

Candid moment at Brokaw Wedding reception

Strawberry creampie

Lovely couple at Four Tops Concert

Wheel of Chance

Andrew Driscoll with his handmade sideshow prop

Riverfront Conservancy event

child walking around Hearse expo

Madd Finn having a watermelon split on his chest while lying on a bed of nails with no rehearsal live

Gregory Mulkern close friend and luckily for me talented model.

Michigan Ren Fest Stockade group photo

Sunset on the Bernatek Footbridge in Kraków, Poland

Blue shadow cast on buildings in Estonia

Black Hills South Dakota

Viru Gate


Haapsalu Castle

Thinking on a rainy day in Hell, Michigan

Katariina käik aka St. Katherine's Passage

Coney Island, NY

Berlin, Germany

Ferrara, Italy 

Art Deco in Tallinn, Estonia


Fist of Joe Lewis 

Detroit Michigan



Famous "Cat House" in Riga, Latvia

Colorful tiled ceiling in the Guardian Building in Detroit Michigan

SFW edit of an image in a series of photos for a forthcoming book about the Näkk (seductive Nordic water spirit) shoot on location at the Sandy River in Oregon

Some of the best images and moments in my life have been friends, often newly made, willing to sit for a portrait or allow me to snap away while they carry on. I've always gravitated toward interesting and unusual people and lucky for me the magnetism is mutual. 

Holiday get out the vote campaign just before New Year's Day 2020

Rachel with a message in black and white

Heidi taking a relaxing position 

Doors in Riga with silly model for scale

First "Doors of Tallinn" series of  collages of individually shot entrances from all over the historic European capital. 

Performers, musicians, artists looking for affordable media and head shots for your website contact me! 

Impossible colors of the Grand Canyon December 2016

Purple Datura aka Moonflower blooming just at sundown 

Nate B. Jackson in the zone with his seven string guitar

Creative self portrait 

Portrait of Gregory as the Green Man in a mixed media collection