Consulting & Coaching Services

What is Conscious Creative Consulting/Coaching?

With a deep focus on empathy, optimism, culture, and most importantly collaboration I can help you start, design, develop, build and/or rebuild any project with a new creative flow and energy that is engaging and life changing. And I'll help to learn to do it for yourself by coaching you through the steps.

Essentially, I can help you become UNSTUCK and give you helpful actionable advice to navigate the ever changing modern landscape both online and in real life. I design and implement new ideas and help incorporate them into your existing business practice, art practice, and work or living spaces.

Whether you need help making your website pop, giving your portfolio a fresh look, helping making social media posts engaging, help making your work or living space work for you, or you need your daily routine adjusted to maximize creative energy and productivity however you are STUCK I can help you fix it with high impact changes everyone can achieve.

Maybe you need help designing a space that will help foster your creative output everyday and improve your work/life balance. Or maybe you just need a fresh eye on an old problem. 

I'm here for you with an action plan rather than the typical hackneyed advice that doesn't apply to you or your problems. I will make it make sense. 

I do more than think outside the box. I live outside the box.

I will help you match your creative inner self to the creative output and projects you want to share with the world. I specialize in finding the unique you through a lens of understanding your specific creative culture, inner purpose, and what motivates you as a human being. Then I connect those things to a design, to actions, and plans with achievable goals and projects that are right for you and your creative practice, your business life, even your home life.

The most satisfying form of life balance is centered on creative purpose and passion. 

My passion for the transformational power of creativity is contagious. I am by default a systems thinker. I am neurodivergent which helps me empathize and deeply understand how everyone has a different and unique set of skills, ideas, and behaviors that motivate and activate creativity and innovation.

I make it my mission to help you get to where you want to be, whether in creative arts, performance, travel, life experience, relationships, or business. You can have your moments in the sun. We all can.

Do you need someone to help you figure out what you actually want to do with the skills you have and apply them in your business, in your creative practice, and even in your relationships? 

Do you need a new or better website or online presence that reflects your business or artistic practice or even personal presence more authentically?

Having trouble effectively navigating the social media landscape?

Do you feel stuck when it comes to new ideas and solutions?  

Do you feel bogged down by negative thinking and negativity bias?

Do you lack confidence in your ideas? In yourself?

Are you always comparing yourself to someone else's work or online presence? 

Are you just going through a routine or relying on old ideas and find they aren't working for you and the life you want?

Are you overwhelmed by how to present yourself digitally or in person?

Are you bored with everything you do?

Can't get started on that novel you've always wanted to write? Or that song? 

Need help writing or applying for a grant? Or starting up a new program?

Can't seem to make the connections with other people you want to meet in life?

Having trouble finding a long term or even short term partner?

If you answered yes to any of these questions I can help clear away the obstacles in your path and help you open the door to new opportunities and close the door on negative pathways holding you back. This goes way beyond constructive feedback.

Why hire me? 

I am an advocate and facilitator. I can't help it, when I see something that can connect someone to something that works better I have to make it happen. I want to help you. Nothing makes me happier than seeing people succeed creatively. 

I can see you in a different light. I can be that mirror you need to reflect what is truly there, then I will hand that mirror to you so you can see it too. And we'll build on that authenticity together.

I've overcome many intense obstacles and roadblocks and accomplished many creative seemingly impossible things in my life, in my creative practice, and with my health. I am a world traveller who has used the practices I learned working in mental health for decades and in the creative arts as a performer around the world collaborating with many artists, writers, musicians, businesses, and friends to become an empathetic, trauma informed, progressive thinking innovator and collaborative creator. My lived experience is perhaps a far greater education than my college degree.

I'm a bit of a one stop shop too. I can help you build/design your website, photograph you and your products, your art, write captivating interesting relevant "unique to you" content an AI bot could never achieve. I can even help you make compelling short videos and posts with original engaging content to share in our cluttered online world. And I can help you learn to do all of these things for yourself in an effective efficient  way.

I also have many contacts all over the world to recommend in case I'm not the right person for a specific development, design need I can connect you to someone who can help solve your problem. 

If you are frustrated with churned out generic business or social advice, bland marketing ideas that don't apply to you, generic content writing filling pages with buzz words that don't work- get in touch with me I'll help make you stand out in a crowd and point you toward real solutions. 

We all have to sell ourselves in one way or another in the modern world but it doesn't have to mean giving up your authentic self. Real confidence attracts people to you and is based in authenticity. I can help you find that kind of confidence.  

No consultation concept, project, or creative coaching need is off the table, please don't be afraid to ask! 

I've helped people with style and fashion, with transitioning from hobbyist to professional artist. I helped launch new products. I have helped people become a performer, a public speaker, a model. I help build comprehensive websites and help make higher impact social media posts to drive interest to that website.

I've helped people to find partner, make friends, fix their dating profiles,  redesigning their office spaces, redesigning their bedroom to have more intimacy with a partner and even diet and exercise plans that actually works for them to balance creative, home, and work life.

I look forward to hearing from you and helping you unlock your awesome creative potential and build a better more satisfying life, in your business and/or arts practice.

Get in touch

Contact me at for more information, to book a session, or hire me as your creative consultant or coach.

If you are seeking a Creative Coach:

Please let me know if you need coaching for a specific project or generally need help getting unstuck. 

I'm available online internationally on video chat.  And on a limited basis in person if you are located in PNW of the United States or Canada.

My rates for coaching range from $50 USD per half hour for specific assessments and analysis, $75 per hour USD per session for general coaching after a free 30 minute introductory session to determine your needs. 

All of these sessions include follow up material and written synopsis of the session, the actionable plan(s) and any additional information you will need to improve your project.

If you are seeking a Creative Consultant:

Let me know if you need web development, social media optimization, graphic design, SEO, UX, content creation, brand assessment or critique, photography, photo editing, and/or consultation on a campaign, proposal, book, or product launch.

A full contract for a product launch, website, or campaign fully created by me would be negotiated on an individual basis.